Whatever your industry, whatever your business challenge, diwo provides value on day one, moving your entire organization’s decision-making process into a completely new paradigm. See how diwo’s unparalleled cognitive architecture can be leveraged to make the most of your business’s hidden opportunities:

Though 86% of retailers are investing in machine learning solutions to stay on top of the seismic shifts in the retail space, regardless of how insights are generated, decisions still have to be made. Billions lost each year from just a single issue such as excess stock highlight the necessity for complex yet quick decisions. Act on your latest insights by receiving prepackaged, quantified decisions using diwo.

Excess Stock

Retailers are increasingly becoming responsive to excess stock, looking for opportunities to optimize their SKU inventory levels. Eliminating excess stock by 2% – 3% could lead to potential revenue recoveries of over 70% which are typically lost due to mark-downs or disposal.

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Assortment Optimization

Retail firms are interested in finding the right mix of product assortment to entice customers and achieve their financial goals. The business imperative of providing the right product, at the right place, and at the right price impact not just the topline by help retailer optimize their SKU inventory and minimize revenue loss. Let diwo work as your sixth sense to define the optimal mix identifying opportunities on ‘Big Bigger’ and ‘Fast Faster’.

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Out of Stock

Retail out-of-stocks cost the industry billions every year. Studies into the issue consistently reveal an average OOS rate of 8% eating away potential revenues, customer disloyalty, brand erosion. Leveraging deep learning and AI, imagine a tool working 24X7 to help you identify potential out of stock scenario and help articulate optimal business strategy to mitigate it. That’s diwo helping you transform in an opportunity-driven enterprise.

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Customer Retention

Industry studies reveal that Retailers on an average lose 25% customers every year and costs around 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Imagine an cognitive tool that could help you identify potential churners, when would they churn and help optimize retention strategy. Thanks to diwo, you can now know in advance your most vulnerable customers.

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Customer Win Back

Industry research indicates that the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5%-20%. Think about a Cognitive Decision Making platform help you analyze win back possibilities. Well yes, diwo can support business define target marketing programs that will provide an enriching customer experience, suggest up-sell or cross-sell to help win back and affect sales uplift.

The AI health market is expected to reach $6.6 billion within a couple years in an effort to combat rampant problems in quality, access, and cost. As just one example, the current readmission rates are costing healthcare services over $42 billion dollars, highlighting the need for timely decisions. The leap from knowledge to action requires wise decision making- beyond mere insight generation. Apply your knowledge optimally by receiving prepackaged wisdom in the form of quantified decisions using diwo.

Readmission Avoidance

Today, as an estimate, about 20% of total medical beneficiary are readmitted within 30 days of discharge, costing healthcare services over $42B. Imagine a cognitive AI solution working for you to identify patients potential for readmission, window for intervention and possible intervention strategy. Thanks to diwo, the power is in your hands.

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Improve Star Rating

An improvement in a hospital’s star rating from 3.5 to 4 means qualifying for millions in extra funding the next year. With $3 billion dollars of federal bonus payments in play for hospitals, the motivation to optimize measures is high. Diwo’s ability to discern the best combination of quality measures gives you the power to improve ratings, which means more funding to support quality initiatives; that’s a win-win for payers and patients alike.

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The Financial Services Industry is integrating the latest in analytics at a faster rate than most other sectors, for both customer-facing and back-end operations. diwo, a unique cognitive platform works continuously to sense hidden business opportunities in real-time, and articulates them to the user in the form of quantified decisions that the user can analyze and apply.

Collection Effectiveness

The power to predict recoverable loans can potentially save millions of dollars for financial organizations- now with diwo, these predictions can be applied optimally. diwo identifies areas of concern, giving you a real-time understanding of the underlying factors. diwo guides the conversation to augment the decision-making process, maximizing effectiveness and minimizing loss.

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Financial Services Advisory

Changes are underway regarding the fiduciary responsibility of financial advisors in the industry. These changes provide an opportunity for an overhaul of the cumbersome process of opening new accounts. diwo can support a core strategy to keep new prospects moving forward in the account opening process and prevent a customer’s abandonment before account opening.

Investment Portfolio Diversifier

This opportunity relates to satisfying an investor’s need for optimal portfolio diversification and re-balancing over time. diwo’s cognitive capabilities can sense inquiries made by investors and their portfolio composition, working on strategies to optimize their portfolio by re-balancing options available to the investor.

HNW Hard Asset Advisory

Once outside the scope of financial services and investment banks, hard asset advisory is becoming more suitable and increasingly demanded by high net worth clients. Imagine a tool that takes into account a client’s risk preferences, addressing hard asset value analysis and optimization across antique automobile, fine art, stamps or other holdings. That’s diwo, watching a particular hard asset preference, identifying sources for the most current transactional information and alerting the HNW investor when opportunity arises.

Credit Risk Management

diwo works continuously to identify High Risk Segments and suggest adjustments to the approval rate and credit limit- all while maintaining revenue by shifting risk to safer segments.

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Even though the Insurance sector is leveraging the latest in machine learning and AI for operational processes, diwo provides value beyond the operational realm. By working continuously to sense business opportunities offering unique, valuable solutions to address the underlying cause for effective decision-making, diwo makes the leap from knowledge-generation to optimizing your decision-making.

Hotspots Risk Analysis

Insurers need to be alert to changing environmental conditions, seasonality and other factors that cause risk profiles to constantly fluctuate, making the underwriting processes more and more complex. Think of an AI solution that would leverage transactional information with external environmental factors to provide comprehensive risk structures across regions and products. Meet diwo, your cognitive decision making assistant, working to minimize risks in your portfolio.

Market Portfolio Performance

In today’s highly competitive insurance market, it’s essential for insurers to be alert to fluctuations in market forces and to be able to adjust their business strategies with agility and confidence. A key factor for success is to discern the correlation between price variations—due to market forces—and their impact on renewals and new contract success.

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With a myriad of services and platforms analyzing digital footprints, why is diwo different? E-commerce venues today are deploying concepts like predictive intelligence and chat-bots to engage the customer and provide a personalized shopping experience. Beyond simply producing insight, diwo unlocks the door to wisdom-driven guidance.

Virtual Real Estate Agent

This opportunity involves replacing or supplementing the traditional tasks of a real estate agent during the earliest point in a prospect’s engagement. To identify these opportunities, diwo works in the background on countless analytical models, streaming demographics patterns, crime trends, accessibility and commute scenarios. diwo analyzes property and lifestyle preferences and alerts the real estate prospect when unique matching property opportunities occur.

Driverless cars are far from being the only exciting development in the automotive world; with real time predictions, diwo leverages its Cognitive Framework to coordinate analytics such as current supply and demand signals to produce contextual insights, resulting in decision optimization: the next realm beyond knowledge generation. Even with the extremely siloed nature of the industry, vast cost-savings can be achieved across several points of the automotive manufacturing and distributions processes.

Warranty Management

With a wealth of information readily available, diwo’s warranty management solution uses real-time analytics to provide a clear insight into inventory data, predicting recalls up to 3 months in advance with 95 percent certainty. diwo’s contextual insights enable optimization of cost savings and customer experience.

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The ever-evolving Gaming Industry has matured in most of its operational technology, but imagine the power of micro-targeting to improve player retention and increase the profitability of other revenue centers. By leveraging current analytics capabilities with diwo’s Cognitive Framework, casino operators can now employ a “super-analyst” that works non-stop to provide insights as well as optimize the required action.

Maximize Theo

Traditional analytics approaches will attempt to solve customer retention problems for a planning period, coming up with a pricing and promotions recommendation for a say a season or a year. Such an approach is least effective in a dynamic environment where the information and customer behaviors can change frequently and unexpectedly. diwo works to Identify potential defectors from decliners, and optimize a strategy to retain high value customers. Beyond producing insights on customer scenarios, real-time decisions can be optimized using these contextual insights.

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