Readmission Analytics

Healthcare – Readmission Avoidance

Imagine if you could uncover opportunities to prevent readmissions and improve hospital performance, while improving patient outcomes and reducing costs!

Optimized Decision Making

As an opportunity-driven business optimization engine, diwo helps healthcare providers reduce their patients’ readmission rates by analyzing thousands of patient data profiles to identify those at risk of readmission, while explaining causes and trends. But diwo doesn’t just provide insights; it also guides decision makers by recommending interventional strategies and helping them explore their potential outcomes. The result: improved patient outcomes, reduced cognitive burden on decision makers, and reduced costs overall.

diwo’s AI capabilities go beyond basic search and chat; it understands the user’s unique context to get to the root of the problem they’re trying to solve. diwo leads users to solutions through natural conversation and intuitive visuals, learning from each interaction and adapting to individual problem-solving styles.

Guided Exploration

With diwo’s intuitive interface and guided conversations, healthcare practitioners can ask whatever they need to know about specific patients or overall trends, without getting bogged down in files or reports. Using engaging, interactive visuals, diwo helps them continuously improve their decision-making abilities, as they navigate their hospital’s analytics landscape in real time, from a bird’s-eye view right down to the individual patient. And not only is diwo adapted to each user’s individual context, its machine learning capabilities make it even more attuned to the user’s needs over time.

Answering your difficult questions—in real time; let diwo become your sixth sense for a decision-making edge.