Out of Stock Prevention

Retail – Out of Stock Prevention

Imagine if you had advance notice of potential out-of-stock situations, and were able to get the right product to the right place in time!

Understocking doesn’t just lead to lost sales opportunities; it can even lead customers to your competitors. According to P&G reports, one in 13 items that a customer wants to buy won’t be on the shelf when they’re ready to buy it. Not only does this result in lost sales of about 4%, but also additional losses in brand perception and customer satisfaction. It’s vital that retailers maintain optimal stock levels to protect sales.

Optimized Decision Making

As an opportunity-driven business optimization engine, diwo minimizes out-of-stock situations by continuously analyzing enterprise-wide inventory levels and current sales trends to identify vulnerable SKUs in real time. Not just providing insights, diwo also calculates an optimized strategy (combining possibilities such as inter-store transfer, expediting DC orders, substitution or placing vendor orders), showing decision makers its potential impacts and guiding them through action steps to implement it in time.

diwo’s machine learning capabilities means it doesn’t just respond to queries; diwo leads goal-directed, guided conversations to understand the user’s intent, with responses specific to their unique context.

Guided Exploration

With its AI capabilities, diwo understands each user’s unique context and guides them through natural conversation and interactive visuals to explore their business and better understand their inventory situation in real time. The strategies it provides are flexible, allowing users to see quantified impacts of each adjustment for optimal decision making.

Don’t allow out-of-stocks to let your customers down—let diwo guide you to maximize your sales and optimize your inventory.