Improve Star Rating

Healthcare – Improve Star Rating

Imagine if you knew exactly what to do to ensure a high star rating by CMS and obtain millions in federal funding for quality health plans!

Protect The Ratings You Need

Health insurers whose plans fail to achieve a four- or five-star CMS rating can become trapped in a vicious cycle, without sufficient funding to improve their offerings. It’s essential to meet federal quality standards in order to achieve and protect these ratings.

Optimized Decision Making

diwo’s opportunity-driven business optimization engine helps insurers improve their star ratings by monitoring, predicting and helping to fix gaps across quality measures with high accuracy. Not only does diwo identify vulnerable areas to improve, it also navigates decision makers through optimized strategies to address them in time.

diwo’s AI capabilities go beyond basic search and chat; it understands the user’s unique context to get to the root of the problem they’re trying to solve. diwo leads users to solutions through natural conversation and intuitive visuals, learning from each interaction and adapting to individual problem-solving styles.

Don’t miss out on the star ratings you need—let diwo guide you to improve quality measures and maximize medical reimbursements.