What is diwo?

diwo (Data In, Wisdom Out) is a unique Cognitive Decision-Making platform developed by Loven Systems to reveal hidden business opportunities in real time and empower business users to act on them. With a user-friendly, conversational interface and cognitive architecture, diwo leapfrogs current Big Data Analytics offerings—rather than simply giving the “raw material” for decisions, diwo provides contextual guidance for user-specific, quantified business scenarios.

As diwo is a total end-to-end solution, it saves an organization not only time and money, but also the need to assemble diverse and hard-to-find talent. The platform eliminates the challenges of combining 10+ different technologies together, instead offering a seamless analytics solution.

How do I get started with diwo?

Contact the diwo team, where one of our team members can answer any questions you may have with regards to your specific requirements. Preliminary research and meetings are also offered to discuss potential POC arrangements. 

What's the difference between diwo and other AI or analytics platforms?

Unlike other AI platforms that operate in the knowledge-generation paradigm, diwo not only generates insights, it also works to apply them by optimizing decisions and articulating them to the user in their specific context. We call this the “Wisdom Paradigm.” Other analytics platforms take a data-first approach, generally geared toward exploration and experimentation. diwo, in contrast, is designed around a business-first approach, which means it works continually to sense pre-defined business scenarios and then assists the user to make decisions for those scenarios.

Does diwo require extensive training?

One of diwo’s main objectives is to tackle the adoption problem with many new and disruptive technologies. The diwo interface is designed for business users, with intuitive, contextual navigation (you can ask it to help you wherever you find yourself) as well as a conversational component. The diwo team will provide comprehensive hand-off and any further training that may be required.

Can diwo be deployed on cloud and on premises? What is the cost difference between hosting diwo on cloud vs. diwo on premises?

diwo is dockerized, so it can be deployed on premises on the client’s system or on cloud over a recommended standard cluster/servers configuration. The cost difference will be primarily due to additional charges by the cloud services provider. Loven Systems can provide additional cost assessments for the cloud version based on the scope of diwo deployment.

Can diwo integrate with existing ETL tools?

Yes, diwo’s knowledge ingestion module allows for ingesting data indirectly from data sources via integration with existing ETL tools, but will require the assistance of the professional services team from Loven Systems and/or DataFactZ.

How will diwo handle large volumes of data?

diwo is designed to be horizontally and vertically scalable and runs on a distributed scalable infrastructure.

How do you deploy new algorithms and customize existing algorithms?

The diwo team will implement analytics scenarios and then make available diwo’s insights management interface to easily configure and customize analytics pipelines in a code-free manner. The team will also set up and schedule analytics experiments within the insights layer of diwo.

Can diwo consume third party algorithms?

Yes, it can use third-party developed models in the sensing pipeline to enrich event streams.

Can we create our own models in diwo?

Our team offers custom model development for clients (this capability will be available in a later release).