Assortment Optimization

Retail – Assortment Optimization

Imagine if you could quickly adapt to changing market factors to have the right stock in the right place, at the right time and the right price!

A cognitive solution for merchandise assortment optimization

diwo’s cognitive analytics incorporate a broad set of customer- and market-centric factors in real time, so it manages the uncertainty and complexity of factors affecting Assortment Optimization to not only alert you of issues and opportunities with your stock assortment, but also guide you to address them in time.

Retailers understand how important it is to continuously monitor their customers’ interests and preferences, and offer an optimized assortment of products in line with local market demographics and preferences. In a rapidly-changing retail environment, it’s essential to be able to respond immediately with the right decisions.

Your decision-making superpower

Alleviating the burden of decision-making, diwo offers you optimized strategies to address each opportunity, while allowing you to adjust each strategy and see the projected outcomes of your changes. diwo’s machine learning capabilities means it doesn’t just respond to queries; diwo leads goal-directed, guided conversations to understand the user’s intent, with responses specific to their unique context.

Let diwo’s analytics make sense of complex data and show you opportunities to optimize your merchandise assortment, and guide you to through strategies to implement them in time.