Loven Systems Unveils diwo: A Unique Cognitive Decision-Making Platform

Posted: 2017-09-22

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A business optimization engine that applies a cognitive computing approach to guide decision making.

Strata Data Conference, New York, 2017: Loven Systems, a cognitive analytics solutions company, announced the launch of their flagship solutions platform, diwo™. diwo (Data In, Wisdom Out) is an unparalleled cognitive decision-making platform that proactively provides decision guidance to the business user. It acts as a sixth sense, continuously working in the background to sense and quantify invisible opportunities and situations before they arise, empowering businesses to act in time and make optimal decisions.

Regarding the launch, a Loven Systems executive had to say: “diwo’s business-first approach prioritizes business and user context, scalability, and value upon deployment, avoiding adoption issues common with other transformative initiatives.”

With a user-friendly, conversational interface and cognitive architecture, diwo leapfrogs current Big Data Analytics offerings, by not only giving you the “raw material” for decisions, but rather providing contextual guidance for specific, quantified business scenarios. 

diwo is designed to reveal business opportunities in real time by continuously analyzing incoming data streams from various sources. It explains the potential impact of revealed opportunities, further recommending a best strategy to address the opportunity within the current business context, while providing levers that users can adjust to quantify the real-time impact of each decision.

diwo’s vertical-agnostic architecture is applied to specific business scenarios, allowing organizations to scale roll-outs and leverage their existing data and analytics assets. As an end-to-end solution, it can integrate pre-developed analytics pipelines or models besides the technologies it currently leverages. Data engineering can be performed by the diwo team so that it can be queried, rather than replicated within diwo. 

This is a time of seismic shifts; at current rates, 75% of SP500’s will be replaced within the decade. With Cognitive Decision Making, diwo aims to usher in a new paradigm for business, by empowering “Opportunity-Driven Enterprise.”

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