Diwo’s Cognitive Business Visualization Interface Puts Context First

Posted: 2018-06-11

Author: Admin

Loven Systems, creators of the cognitive decision-making platform diwo™, recently introduced a new component of their cognitive analytics solutions. Called diwoPronto™, this platform harnesses diwo’s built-in Watch persona and packages it for business users who want continuous analytics and user-specific insights to support less complex operational decisions.

Pronto gives users a bird’s-eye view of their business in real time, enabling them to visually navigate their business context without information overload. More than a smart dashboard, Pronto is like a virtual analyst watching over business performance, keeping users updated to the trends, impacts and insights that are relevant to their specific role. Pronto uses machine learning to get to the underlying issues of real-time performance; rather than providing more data for decision makers to manage, it gives them the specific insights needed to make quick decisions with confidence.

While Pronto is available as an individual platform, it’s designed to be integrated seamlessly into diwo’s robust cognitive system for ultimate decision-making capability. diwo acts as a sixth sense, continuously working in the background to sense and quantify invisible opportunities and situations before they arise, and guiding users through the best strategy to address them in time, while providing levers that users can adjust to explore the real-time impacts of each decision. diwo prioritizes business and user context, adding value from day one.

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